About Us

           Hi! I am Symphonie Chanel,

the Owner and Founder of Her Scared Way LLC. 

I wear many hats as a Childbirth Doula, Reiki Practicioner, and Yoga Instructor with further trainings in prenatal and postnatal yoga, women's anatomy, pelvic floor anatomy, trauma,-informed yoga, and children's yoga. To sum it all up, my preferred title is Doula, as my work is dedicated to serving women and HER divinty. While I am willing and able to help anyone that asks, over the years I've worked to tailor my teachings to the biological/physiological needs and consistent changes of feminine physical bodies. 

This company was started to promote Wellness and Self-care as staples for black women, through services that educate, empower, and celebrate them and their journeys through womanhood. 

In traditional black culture, self-care is stigmastized and often seen as an unaffordable luxury, or even as "white people shit". It can be extremely difficult to find services that are both of good quality and/ competency in our everyday experiences. This became clear to me when I sought out to make intentional lifestyle changes that made sense for my physical, emotional, and spiritual self. Although some of the spaces had some of what i was lookig for, I began to notice that the very popular generalized wellness options did not acknowledge my cultural or physiological differences. The desire to be seen and embraced as a whole encouraged me to change that narrative.  We are all different, but not alone. Our healing cannot look the same, feel the same, or be the same because we are individuals. To accept this is to allow more freedom to find Her Sacred Way.