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Hi! I am Symphonie Chanel, your well-being instructor/coach, and healing practitioner. My journey in supporting women began in 2013 after attending my first birth, though I really began working towards certification for Yoga, Birth, and Alternative Healing around 2019. While seeking space to comfortably work towards my personal healing & overall wellness I noticed that there weren't any spaces that felt like they were for me; for my black skin, my curved female body, my invisible disabilities & pain, or my cultural values/struggles.  I felt weighed down by my false perceptions, family history, trauma, and mistrust of providers and I was exhausted. I was ready to show up, but where?

I needed spaces where my voice would be heard and valued by people that understood me and that wanted to grow with me, or at least help me grow. Thus, Her Sacred Way was born.

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I compassionately meet you where you are to then guide and support your process of growth through your selected services. I work with you in confronting your own false perceptions and old behaviors so that you can establish new responses to the reality that you are living in.

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