Birthing Journey

Congratulations!! You're having a baby!

Did you know that the day that your baby enters the world is your birth-day too? In fact, this is also the day that you become a parent. Childbirth is one of the most sacred and beautiful experiences to be had by women and families.  Sadly, many families do not get to experience it this way and are instead faced with other very traumatic and often unnecessary outcomes that can have lasting effects on parents, babies, and their loved ones too. 

What Doula's Do

A Childbirth Doula is a professionally trained birth coach that prepares you and your support person(s) for not only circumstances that may occur throughout your pregnancy and birth, but also those that occur within the birthing industry itself. We are here to help you navigate new sensations, topics, doctor visits, and even things that you do not know to inquire about so that you can make confident and informed decisions for yourself and your baby through this process. The bottom line is that we support your whole prenatal experience so that you may claim your power over your pregnancy and birth, and have more joyous outcomes during and after your process.  Although Doulas are not medically trained, we are essential as we provide education, skills, and tools that will impact your birth and your life. Click the link below to view our doula support options and pricing.

Benefits of Support

Hiring continuous birth support has been proven to significantly decrease cesarian rates, induction rates, and increased Apgar test scores while increasing breastfeeding rates, spontaneous labor likeliness, and overall birth labor outcomes.

Click below for more statistics and info from EvidenceBasedBirth.com.

Birth is Birth

HSW wants you to know that birth can look a variety of different ways . Some prefer "natural" birthing, but planned cesareans are okay too. Homebirth is an option, as is  hospitals or birthing centers. Birth may even be in a bathtub, pool, or a car for those more adventurous babies.  No matter how your finish line is reached, it is yours to claim. Her Sacred Way is here to support you in whichever birthing process is best for you. Trust us when we say that no matter what type of birth you have, it is birth and it does count! Click the link below to view our doula support options and pricing.

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