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The black maternal health crisis is the american health risk, if we can fix this problem for black women, we fix this problem for everyone.

-Charles S. Johnson, IV


Finding the perfect doula for your journey is really important. You may be looking because you've heard good things about them, you've had an unsatisfactory previous birth experience, or because you want to ensure more positivity for your birth. No matter your reason, hiring continuous labor & birth support has been proven to significantly decrease induction & cesarian rates while increasing Apgar test scores, breastfeeding rates, spontaneous labor likeliness, and overall birth labor outcomes.  Call 716-710-9133 or Click Here to book a support consultation. Click the link below for evidence-based information on doulas.

Our Doula Services
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Benefits of a Doula?

Her Sacred Way provides holistic-based services with an intention to assist you respectfully and as a whole intuitive being. Although we do encourage mindfulness, yoga, healthy choices, self-care, etc., we do not otherwise encourage specific birth choices. We simply educate you on the circumstances so that you can make the best conscious choice for you!

Some women prefer "natural" birthing, but planned cesareans are okay too, as is Epidural. Homebirth is an option, as are hospitals or birthing centers. Birth may even be in a bathtub, pool, or car for those more adventurous babies. 


Moral of the story: No matter how your finish line is reached, it is yours to claim mentally, physically, and spiritually so. Her Sacred Way is here to support you in whichever birthing process is best for you. Trust us when we say that no matter what type of birth you have, it is birth and it does count! Click the link below to view our doula support options and pricing.

Here's What You Need To Know!

A Childbirth Doula is a professionally trained birth coach that prepares you and your support team for not only the plan or dreams that you already have for your birth experience, but also the other circumstances that can and do unfold within hospitals, birthing centers, and other important spaces where your birth may take place. We are here to guide and assist you with your new sensations, topics, doctor visits, available options not discussed in appointments, and resources so that you can make the most confident and informed decisions for yourself and your baby. Although Doulas are not medically trained, we are essential as we provide education, skills, and tools that will empower and impact your birth and your life. Click the link below to view our doula support options and pricing.