Let's Start With Facts: 

We already know that historically black women have always faced the worst circumstances in regard to healthcare (and everything else). Unfortunately, even today the odds are not only still against us, but worsening as we are experiencing the highest maternal and infant mortality rates than any other group. Black women are dying during birth. It's not just the health care system itself, but also the lack of information about our health and options, lack of resources, lack of advocacy, and other social determinants of health that are responsible for these outcomes. These are all issues of HEALTH EQUITY that need systemic attention and altering which is going to take some time.


So in the meantime, how can we help black women right now as we don't have time to wait for systemic change? 

If we do not do something soon, we will continue to lose more black women and babies, or even worse lose; you or someone you know and love. 

So what now?

Well, the first thing: Invest wholeheartedly in your health and wellness. Understand that relying on your doctor alone is not enough. This does not have to be you, but you have to help encourage that possibility.

Secondly, ask yourself these questions: 1.) Am I prepared for my labor and delivery? 2.) Am I aware of how to actively increase my positive birth outcomes? 3.) How much info do I have on women's health, L&D, and postpartum health as a whole? If you're not so confident in these areas then you could be missing a plethora of other important info!

 Lastly, sign up for our 3 Day Consciously Empowered Birth Course. This class is designed to get you all the information you need to have the best birth outcome possible for your upcoming labor and delivery. 

The #BlackMaternalHealthCrisis is real and even if you do not have a baby yet, this does affect you Black Woman. Share this information with every woman (especially the pregnant ones) that you know.

It's time to get it together. 


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