Protect Your Energy

Every living body is a vessel of systems both physical and spiritual that work together in sync and radiate a constant flow of energy. This currant like energy is known by different names such as "life force energy","vital essence", or "prana".

It is the juice that keeps you going.

Every experience, emotion, or exchange can impact this very energy. The impact can be positive, but it can also be negative which disrupts the balance between the systems. Energy can become stuck or stagnant which can manifest into physical pain, ailments, or symptoms. These imbalances are what can cause illness or dis-ease in the body.

Energy must be released.


Energy Healing



Reiki is a form of energy healing for the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies of the seeker.  The practitioner uses gentle touch and other meditative practices to give reiki healing to the seeker in order to open channels that have closed, release repressed or stagnant energy from the body, or to encourage karmic healing.  Reiki healing is not a substitute for medical treatment but is a great complement to traditional healing as it promotes wellness and relief from dis-ease.