Loving Your Body

Just because the world may have a complicated misunderstanding of women doesn't mean that we cannot be understood. It means that we must get familiar with how our bodies are communicating with us. Once we know who we are, the world can’t tell us SHIT!

This Is For You!

Yoga is a practice that connects mind, body, and breath through movement. During this practice you will be guided through poses and introduced to key life themes such as choice, action, and non-attachment to outcomes in order to assist in your journey.

Simply put, it’s YOU time.

Time for you to focus on you.

Her Sacred Way offers an adaptive style of yoga with a feminine twist for the internal tide that is womanhood. By taking time to acknowledge our physiological needs and how our bodies react when those needs aren’t met, we can shift our perspective to cultivate healthier responses to everyday worries.

Benefits of Yoga

 Decreased physical pain and discomfort.

Decreased stress and anxiety.

Increased circulation and lowered blood pressure.

Increased strength, flexibilty, and mobility.

Increased mental focus and clarity.

Increased sense of self and community.

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