Holding space for black women to explore their well-being and mind their business.


Society has always had a complicated misunderstanding of black women. That doesn't mean that we are complicated though, nor does it mean that we cannot be understood. It just means that we must cultivate more spaces where we can show up to freely explore ourselves, express ourselves, and encourage divine growth; Respectively.


Hi! I am Symphonie Chanel, your well-being instructor/coach, and alternative healing practitioner. I began supporting women in 2013 after attending my first birth, though I really began working towards certification for Yoga, Birth, and Alternative Healing around 2019. While seeking space to comfortably work towards my personal healing & overall wellness I noticed that there weren't enough spaces that felt like they were for me; for my black skin, my curved female body, or my cultural values/struggles. I was weighed down by my false perceptions, family history, trauma, and mistrust of providers. I craved spaces where my voice would be heard and valued by people that understood me and that wanted to grow with me. Her Sacred Way was created to serve as a container for safe and educational practices of well-being as well as prenatal and birth offerings. I compassionately meet you where you are to then guide and support your process of growth through your selected services. I work with you in confronting your own false perceptions and old behaviors so that you can establish new responses to the reality that you are living in.

My Story

Symphonie Allen (She/Her)

BS, CD, RYTT-200, CYTT-95, PYT-65, 

Reiki Master


There is a heightened need for focus on the health and well-being of black women. It is not my intention to exclude other humans from participating in services or in supporting black women or Her Sacred Way. We do not turn away women for services based on race, ethnic background, religious affiliation, sexual preferences, etc; though some offerings may be exclusively for black women.

What Are Clients Saying?

“I am so glad to have made her my doula because honestly if it wasn’t for her guidance and patience and love I don’t think I would’ve had the most exciting journey on becoming a mother!!"

-Rosie T.

Realizations and clarity come up to allow you to learn more of yourself and what makes you who you desire to become from within. Highly recommended if you're interested in living a happy, healthy, and wholesome life in your most authentic being!

-Casey S.

I went for private yoga. I really felt accepted and welcomed. I needed modifications and didn’t feel bad about. I also felt comfortable in the space. Encouraging words throughout were also helpful Bc I can get into my own head too much sometimes. Loved the experience. Already recommended to others.

-Jen W

It was a very powerful experience. I do believe that everyone should experience reiki at least once in their lifetime, and Symphonie is definitely the person to guide and assist you through this process. Will definitely be reaching out to her again for a follow up appointment.

Danielle G.

“Prenatal yoga sessions helped me get through my third trimester. I was given specific workouts based on my situation and ability.
I used those same skills during and after birth.
HIGHLY RECOMMEND her services to everyone. We all need a reminder to BREATHE !"

-Engracia D.

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