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Society has always had a complicated misunderstanding of black women. 

That doesn't mean we are complicated though, or that we cannot be understood. It does, however mean that we need more spaces where we can show up as our authentic black selves.

Her Sacred Way strives to contribute to improving the overall health of black women through safe, accessible, culturally competent yogic offerings.


There is a heightened need for focus on the health and well-being of black women. It is not my intention to exclude other humans from participating in services or in supporting black women or Her Sacred Way. I do not turn away women for services based on race, ethnic background, religious affiliation, sexual preferences, or anything else that isn’t my business. However, some offerings may be exclusively for black women.

Thank You Understanding!



She Matters 

Black women and our babies are important.

Unfortunately, it’s very common that we are not treated as such in many spaces including the health care system. For us, there is lack of information & clarity around our healthcare options, a lack of resources, a lack in advocacy, and other social determinants of health that are partly responsible for these negative variables. These are all issues of HEALTH EQUITY that need systemic attention and altering. In the meantime, how can we help black women right now? If we do not do something soon we will continue to lose black women and babies. Possibly someone you know and love. 

The #BlackMaternalHealthCrisis is real and even if you do not have a baby yet, this does affect you Black Woman. Share this information with every woman (especially the pregnant ones) that you know.

It's important. 


What Are Clients Saying?

If your pregnant I highly recommend working with Symphonie !! After each class i leave feeling like I’m floating . She is super sweet and very knowledgeable. Yogi + dula=best combination ever !

Danette L.

 Highly recommended if you're interested in living a happy, healthy, and wholesome life in your most authentic being!

-Casey S.

I went for private yoga. I really felt accepted and welcomed. I needed modifications and didn’t feel bad about. I also felt comfortable in the space. Encouraging words throughout were also helpful Bc I can get into my own head too much sometimes. Loved the experience. Already recommended to others.

-Jen W

It was a very powerful experience. I do believe that everyone should experience reiki at least once in their lifetime, and Symphonie is definitely the person to guide and assist you through this process. Will definitely be reaching out to her again for a follow up appointment.

Danielle G.

“Prenatal yoga sessions helped me get through my third trimester. I was given specific workouts based on my situation and ability.
I used those same skills during and after birth.
HIGHLY RECOMMEND her services to everyone. We all need a reminder to BREATHE !"

-Engracia D.

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