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Society has always had a complicated misunderstanding of black women. 

That doesn't mean we are complicated though, or that we cannot be understood. It just means that we need more spaces where we can show up as bold, as beautiful,and as bright as we tend be.

Freely & Authentically Black Asf.

Wellness Without Compromise


Her Sacred Way strives to contribute to improving the overall health of black women through safe, accessible, culturally competent Wellness offerings.


There is a heightened need for focus on the health and well-being of black women. It is not my intention to exclude other humans from participating in services or in supporting black women or Her Sacred Way. I do not turn away women for services based on race, ethnic background, religious affiliation, sexual preferences, or anything else that isn’t my business. However, some offerings are exclusively for black women.

Thank You 4 Understanding!



We believe that black women deserve to experience the Wealth that is optimal health, wellness, and safety in their bodies. Click below to check out our current community offerings!!


Her Sacred Way serves as a container and resource for safe and educational well-being options for black women in Buffalo, New York. While there are some private options available, our current list of offerings is made accessible by way of collaborations with other organizations that are focused on supporting black & brown folk. You can learn more about these organizations by clicking below.

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